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3 Things Your Wife Needs FC
3 Things Ypur Wife Needs BC

If it is marriage you want, the basic fundamentals described in this book will make the experience not only enjoyable but exemplary.  The process that Brother Moore shares has within it experiential knowledge and practical biblical insights.


Bishop Dr. Robert Earl Smith Sr.


Very enlightening and bold:  A must read for a man that is seeking his bride!


Archbishop William Eusebius Brown PhD, OSB


This book is a how-to guide into understanding the intricate relationships not only between men and women but more importantly husbands and wives. If you are seeking to be married or to stay married this book gives you the necessary tools needed to make your marriage work.


Bishop Marshall Weir-Mabry, III


It was my intent to write the book I wish I had read before ever marrying.  It has been rightly said hindsight is 20/20 but revelatory insight is like x-ray vision.  This book does more than offer an accurate view of marriage, it allows you to see it through and through.


Michael Steven Moore



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