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3 Things Your Wife Needs:

(In Case You Didn't Know)

Volume 1

" It was my intent to write the book I wish I had read before ever marrying.  It has been rightly said hindsight is 20/20 but revelatory insight is like x-ray vision.  This book does more than offer an accurate view of marriage, it allows you see it through and through."          

                                                                     MICHAEL STEVEN MOORE

3 Things Your Wife Needs FC
3 Things Your Wife Needs BC


   My goal has been to create a resource for men as a response to the failing marriages which have caused so much pain, loss, and frustration in our society.  Many times I have been called upon as a member of the clergy to counsel and have wanted to access a resource that would be simple, plainly written and practical.  I also wanted to find resources that would be based upon theologically, psychologically and physiologically valid research.  In other words, I needed to give them real answers that work!


   My heart’s intention was to present this first to all the husbands: present and future!  My reasoning was that by sharing God’s instructions and some practical guidelines, I could challenge, and encourage, these men to take a leadership role in changing their own homes and then their communities. 


   The root of the word “husband” is taken from two parts: house and band.  He is the band around the house holding it together.  He is the one who ultimately will answer to God for the successfulness, or brokenness, of the relationship.  In the chapters to come I want to present a clear picture of the kind of man who can become just such a resource for his family. 


   Secondly, it is my hope that wives (present and future) will come to understand their value and worth in God’s eyes.  Only then can they take the proper place in the design which God created for marriage.  I want women to understand what to look for in a marriage and how to discern prayerfully any man’s qualities to ensure she is safe in his hands before she gives her heart. 


   My writing style is conversational.  I wanted to speak directly to you from the heart and share plainly and accurately what I feel the Lord shared with me through my own life’s experience, my counseling ministry and personal revelation.



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