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There was a time when the term “rapper” was an instant typecast.  Artists who wore that name tag were expected to walk and talk a certain way.. But now, as music sheds definitions and genre lines continue to be blurred, the climate is ripe for “rappers” to redefine themselves and make the world conform to them.  Hip hop is ready for a new fresh sound coming from the bluff city of Memphis. Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Eric Nelson began writing rhymes while in middle school. Influenced by such rappers as Nelly and T.I, and producers Drumma Boy and The Dream, E-FORINT was determined to separate himself from other Memphis rappers with his own sound and style.  E-FORINT opts to write clever hook laden rhymes that focuses on positive lyrics. In 2009, his first release “Dip It Low” was number one on Hot 100 charts for 3 straight months. His next releases in 2010 and 2011,“Them Sexy Girls”, “She Never”, and “What U Got” were all number one songs on charts for a full year and garnered over 200,000 total plays. “Them Sexy Girls” was also included on a volume of West Coast Mixtapes in 2011. E-FORINT is currently working on a mixtape to be released later in 2013.


Fresh, Clean, and Reppin his city (MEMPHIS)!  E-FORINT is poised to be the next big thing to come out of Memphis musically!


E-FORINT™ is managed by

Michael Steven Moore


PO Box 76

Memphis, TN 38101-0076


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